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Born in Newcastle Upon-Tyne (UK) and raised in Zimbabwe I have always moved between cultures and places. My families’ immigration to England in 2003 stimulated in me a desire to return to Zimbabwe. At the time, the question of ‘belonging’, for myself and many who remained living in Zimbabwe, was particularly fraught. My PhD focused on the controversial land reform program that saw land taken from white farmers and farmworkers and redistributed to small and large scale local farmers. After 13 months fieldwork on a farm in Mazowe, Zimbabwe, I returned to Scotland to write up my thesis at the University of Edinburgh. 

Following my thesis I worked for three years as a lecturer in human rights and on various anthropological theory courses. In addition to my teaching work, I designed a series of art/anthropology workshops aimed at helping people to explore social and political issues through artistic practice. I now work part time at the Edinburgh College of Art tutoring on a variety of undergraduate courses. I am passionate about film and am currently collaborating on a film project about housing cooperatives in Scotland.